TIPS: How To Use Chloroprene Contact Adhesives

Many people are very familiar with white adhesives / PVAc Adhesives usage. They known well how to use the PVAc Adhesives ( water based, white liquid color) when they would like to stick paper, wood etc.. Just apply white adhesives evenly onto one surface then stick to another surface and press for a while. Finished.

In contrary, common people do not have enough knowledge how to use chloroprene contact adhesives (solvent base, usually yellowish brown liquid color). Many of them use chloroprene contact adhesives same as they use PVAc Adhesives. As the result they will find the material surfaces bonded totally weak.

Actually there are some differences between PVAc adhesives and chloroprene contact adhesives usage which will determine its bonding strength result.

Standard direction for use chloroprene contact adhesives is as follows:

  1. Both surfaces to be bonded should be dry, clean and grease free.
  2. Apply the glue evenly to both surfaces
  3. Let the surfaces to become dry when it is touched by our finger
  4. Press the surfaces together