1. Packaging and Bookbinding

PT. Aica Indria provides hot melt and water-base adhesive that are designed for packaging and bookbinding industries, especially for the application of UV varnish, BOPP laminated, carton closing-case sealing, bottle labeling, perfect binding-side seaming, and hardcovers.

2. Woodworking & Furniture Industries

Available also are water-based, solvent-based and hot melt adhesive for woodworking application such as finger joining, edge banding, post and soft forming, membrane pressing, veneer splicing and parquet flooring.

3. Footwear and Leather Goods

For footwear and leather goods industries, we provide solvent-based adhesives based on Chloroprene, PU, Graft, PC Cement and Primers that are suitable for shoe assembling, sewing and lasting process

4. Hardware and Retail Stationery Adhesive for Everyday Use

PT. Aica Indria provides a wide range of products for hardware and retail stationery created specifically for household and everyday use. These adhesives provide a wide range of application for various types of material that suit your needs.