Company History

PT. Dyno Indria, formerly PT. Indria, was founded in Jakarta in 1975. Starting its business on developing and manufacturing of some adhesives for industrial use.

The first known product manufactured adhesives were PVAc emulsion blendings for the paper and wood industry.

In 1977 the factory was moved from the small compound in Duren Tiga to the Pulogadung Industrial Estate where the facilities were designed and set up for good factory operation.

To develop its products continuously, latest technology for polymerisation of PVAc and Hot Melt was gained in 1982. Further, the technologies of Grafted polymer and PU were introduced in 1990.
In 1992 the joint venture with DYNO Industrier ASA in Norway was on and PT. Dyno Indria became an international company, ready for going international with exports. Modernisation of the production facilities, process and technology were priorities since then.

In the year 2000, merger between DYNO Industrier ASA Norway and NESTLE Chemicals Finland created a new big group company in chemical business namely DYNEA Oy with its head office in Finland. With this merger, PT. Dyno Indria officially changed its name to be PT. Dynea Indria in the year 2003 and became one of the 50 Dynea group companies spread over Europe, America and Asia Pacific.

In 2004 PT. Dynea Indria gained certification of ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management System). With this certification, PT Dynea Indria committed to provide best quality products and its services. Now, with it’s pioneering, experience and reputation, PT. Dynea Indria is one of the biggest adhesives manufacturing company in Indonesia and is now in the position as The Adhesives Specialist.

Last but not least, we are responsible to the environment in which we operate. In 1997, PT Dynea Indria became a member of KNRCI a National Committee comprising of companies in Indonesia which concern and commit to operate factories with environmentally friendly system.

Furthermore, in 2005 PT. Dynea Indria gained certification of ISO 14001:2004 (Environment Management System). Since then full attention is more given to all our business activities to protect our employees and our environment against detrimental environment effects, create a safe and pleasant working environment, manage our resources and assume responsibility for the environment in relation to the customers as well as suppliers and develop products, services and operations with consistent quality and environmentally safe.

In the first quarter of 2013, PT. Dynea Indria a manufacturer of Lem FOX adhesives brand has officially become an AICA – Japan group subsidiaries company. The purchased of shares of Dynea Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. by AICA KOGYO Co. Ltd of Japan make all of Dynea Asia Pacific Subsidiaries Company including PT. Dynea Indria becoming a member of AICA Asia Pacific.



Enhancing trust  to company relations and all of internal unit by developing   its product and services with consistent quality, safety and environmental friendly.


  1. Stipulating Health and Safety as Main Priority
  2. Develop its products and services effectively with consistent quality, safe and environmental friendly
  3. Determine openness and developing continuously as  a basic foundation of  the company
  4. Minimize bad impact to environment causing by company’s operation.

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