Since end of the year 2019 and the whole of 2020,  global and also domestic economy are still weak due to the spread of the COVID-19 disease outbreak. The business environment is also expected to remain tough for the year ahead. However, as a company which was established since 1975 we are committed to do our best to utilize our experience for continuing growth and development.

Streamlining company operation is a must while our human resources at all level will give the best to meet the economic challenge.  As it is our management philosophy,  process and services will be executed in a safe, timely, value added, cost effective and environmentally friendly manner.  We believe with best effort we could maintain our position as one of the biggest adhesives manufacturer company in Indonesia even better.

As we have full concern about global environmental protection, we are committed to  prevent any kind of environmental contamination causing by the activities of the company while also developing ‘environmental friendly adhesives’ product step by step to meet global interest  in green and harmony with the environment. We are striving to comply with applicable laws and regulations and to fulfill good corporate citizen through Corporate Social Responsibility activities. We will do our best and very welcome for all of stakeholders suggestion to improve our product and service better and better. Thank you