piknik 2017 ragunanA Refresh employee’s working spirit, relaxation and enjoying fun time with family are some of Management of Aica Indria intention to facilitate Family Gathering 2017 which  takes place in Ragunan Zoo on the date of 28th October 2017.

There was something special in Aica Indria Family Gathering this year. Not only because family members can see the various animals nor because of the green environment at the zoo but because of the company give a special appreciation to dedicated employees whose working over 25 years.

At the date of the family gathering there are 12 (twelve) employees whose working over 25 years:    

  • Abdul Afif (30 years of service)
  • Asheli (30 years of service)
  • Endang Supriyati (30 years of service)
  • Ismiyati (30 years of service)
  • Sunarto (30 years of service)
  • Khaerudin (31 years of service)
  • Arpin Rozali (31 years of service)
  • Suherman (31 years of service0
  • Thomas Ariyanto (31 years of service)
  • Kudria (32 years of service)
  • Achmadi (33 years of service)
  • Mr. Subagiyono (33 years of service

All of those employees who attended family gathering, directly received award plaques and pure gold. Awards are given to each employee by Mr. Bryant Yusman, Assistant Managing Director of Aica Indria.

Congratulation!piknik 2017 ragunanE