ISARPLAS New Packaging Design

Since the beginning of October 2010, PT. Aica Indria has been launching new packaging design of ISARPLAS, a market leader adhesives for joining PVC Pipe in Indonesia. Comparing to the old one, ISARPLAS new design both primary packaging (aluminum tube) and secondary packaging (folding box) have some differences as follows:
1. Adding text of ASTM-D 2564
2. Replacing old pipe picture with a new bright and clear pipe picture.
3. Replacing out liner shape of inflammable logo from rectangular shape to rhombus shape

One thing to be underlining in this new packaging design is the additional text of ASTM D-2564. It has a meaning that which its continuously developing in quality, new ISARPLAS product has once more upgrading its quality and meets with ASTM ( American Society of Testing Materials) D-2564 standard. Now ISARPLAS ASTM D-2564 product comparing to the competitors has more better heat and cold resistance and could be apply joining PVC pipe in a wet condition as well as in dry condition.